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  • Are you overwhelmed with the tenure process?

  • Are you "stalled" in the move from Associate to Full professor?

  • Are you concerned about how best to lead a department, division or school?

  • Are you struggling to finish your dissertation or land a tenure track position?

Wherever you are on the academic ladder my coaching programs will support you in setting your goals, clarifying your desired outcomes, and creating structures for accountability.  Through coaching I will help you assess your core values and recognize any potentially limiting beliefs you have so that you learn how to more proactively manage your career.





Academic Career & Leadership Coach

Faculty Career Coaching


Faculty members face many challenges, including managing multiple demands on their time.  Juggling teaching, writing and publishing, as well as service work, leads to feeling overwhelmed and ineffective. Often, the last thing that gets attention is the thing that needs attention the most: making time for your writing, so that your manuscripts are completed, and/or you are promoted and/or given tenure. 


Sometimes, despite your success, you feel like an “impostor,” and feel stuck.  You might be baffled as to how to get started with your book, backlog of unpublished articles, or grant applications.  In this coaching program, we develop strategies to help you navigate internal and external road blocks to academic success.

Academic Leadership Coaching


In the workplace setting, it is vital to be resourceful, responsive, and creative.  However, we are not always in touch with what we are responding to in ourselves, much less in others.


Self-awareness is the foundation of successful leadership, whether leading a team, leading co-authors on a deadline, or leading oneself.


The leadership coaching program helps all leaders to stay connected with their strengths, while simultaneously moving forward with new leadership skills, through a customized development action plan.


Dissertation Career Coaching


Do you procrastinate and struggle with finding time to write your dissertation?  How about working “smarter?”

All too often the task of writing a dissertation, much less landing a tenure track position, feels elusive. Graduate students often struggle with time management, staying on task, managing stress and navigating advisors and committees.  In addition, many students do not understand some of the formulaic aspects of academic writing.  Many job applicants write verbose cover letters, never taking their readers into consideration.

In the dissertation coaching program, graduate students learn tools and techniques to clarify their ideas, improve their productivity, learn how to handle criticism, and strategize their job search.



My coaching philosophy is informed by my training in qualitative research and participant observation techniques (gathering information, getting feedback, listening deeply, seeing patterns) as well as narrative theory (how beliefs inform a sense of self and identity) and certification in Co-Active Coaching. I practice a hybrid model of coaching and highly informed consulting. This hybrid model is framed by the depth of my expertise as a certified coach (7000 coaching hours), as well as my background as a former NIH-funded PI, Medical Anthropologist (PhD) and former faculty member. My approach to coaching is not formulaic. I practice a highly flexible and agile strength-based model responding to the specific needs of the client. For the 13 years I have been coaching leaders in academic and healthcare environments, a core component of my work is to help illuminate clients’ values, beliefs, and patterns in their behavior that both limit and can potentially grow their potential. My model is informed by my experience mentoring 20 coaches over the past 9 years (I am a director of a coaching program), as modeling self-awareness to the challenges of leadership informs my work calling on leaders to step up their own self-awareness. Together (“co-actively”) we develop steps to deepen self-awareness; explore options and opportunities to expand abilities and vision, and co-create systems of accountability to support behavioral change. Additionally, I draw upon my experience in theater to pay deep attention to non-verbal behaviors that reveal shifts and tensions in the stories that frame the client’s perspective, mindset, and thinking about workplace challenges. My work is informed by the latest research on academic achievement, leadership, neuroscience, and productivity. In a nutshell, my coaching approach is to listen deeply, allowing for silence, reflection, and space; providing clients with the opportunity to recognize who they are and what they bring.

I am a certified professional co-active coach with over thirteen years of experience helping academics become more accomplished researchers, authors, grant writers and leaders. I bring extensive experience working with faculty members, university administrators, and graduate students, as well as executives and leaders in healthcare, finance and other corporate settings.  I have worked as a consultant and coach since 2005, and I have worked as a coach and Director of Coaching at ACW since 2010.


I have developed numerous programs and tools that help academics and leaders with time management, prioritizing and leadership. I specialize in helping academics identify small ways to change their behavior and develop strategies to meet their academic and work/life balance goals. Based on my expertise and additional training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute, and IPEC, I have developed coaching programs for academics and leadership coaching for individuals. I have developed coaching programs with such universities as Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University. I have worked with academics from over 200 different universities nationally and internationally, developing leadership, work-life balance, and time management programs. 


In addition to my academic clients, I have also worked with professionals from non-profits, wealth management firms, and executives and leaders in such areas as the pharmaceutical and health care industries. In addition to my early training in the world of theater, I have worked for many years as a university professor, publishing in peer-reviewed books and journals, and teaching and conducting research on behavior change.


I leverage my training as a former faculty member in Public Health (George Washington University) and Cultural Anthropology (Whittier College).  I have also taught at the University of Nebraska, and The University of Texas at Austin. I received my PhD in cultural anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin and have post-doctoral training from the University of California-Berkeley and the University of California-San Francisco in medical anthropology. I have been principal investigator (PI) or co-PI on a variety of studies and have been funded by numerous sources including the NIH, DOD, the Wenner-Gren Foundation and SSRC. My academic publications focus on gender and identity construction, organizational culture, substance use, and doctor-patient communication.

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Moira’s role in my life has been absolutely transformative. She is by far the best coach I have ever worked with…I have also introduced many of her concepts into the work that I do…I have recommended her to several colleagues …She’s professional, reliable, energetic and is always bringing in the latest research on academic achievement, neuroscience, productivity, and writing in order to motivate clients. As a former academic, she understands and gets the issues we face in a way that no other coach I’ve worked with (who purportedly knew academics) ever did. Her communication style is crystal clear and she can give the tough advice without being alienating (often just what senior people need)…

Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Moira has been of enormous help and support to me with my tenure portfolio. Together, we have focused on tasks related to writing my book and publishing articles while juggling teaching, service, family and other demands. The process has helped me immeasurably in tackling my time management challenges by establishing priorities and identifying my stumbling blocks. It has also helped me to figure out how to develop and utilize my network of academic support. One of the unexpected benefits of working with Moira has been to realize the counterintuitive fact that I need to slow down in order to be more productive.  


Assistant Professor of Anthropology, NY

My experience with Moira has been extremely positive and I highly recommend her for professionals seeking an engagement with someone who will hold them accountable and at the same time provide encouragement and guidance. Moira’s broad experiences and background make her uniquely qualified to understand the nuance of corporate or academic politics while maintaining one’s sense of self and remaining grounded in one’s core values on the way to, or in the midst of, success in professional life.


Director of Financial Services, NJ

Working with Moira has given me the steps to move forward in my life with excellence. Moira’s intuitive wisdom and accountability has provoked me to action in my career, relationships and personal self… I am incredibly grateful for the clarity and confidence that I have developed and believe that working with Moira has fast-tracked me to achieving success in my everyday life.


CEO, Consulting Firm, Vancouver Canada

Moira seemed to intuitively know just how to bring together the assortment of paradoxes that were my career change ideas and helped me to pinpoint my values, interests and skills. From there, we were able to develop a concrete job search strategy. Her style is supportive yet goal-oriented, compassionate yet challenging. The process was mine, but was guided by her collaborative style of insight, wisdom and new ideas. She helped to redirect what was my drudgery of job hunting into an occasion of discovery and opportunity.  


Corporate Manager, Seattle, WA

As a busy academic, having a coach to help me sort out my workplace priorities, career trajectory, and work-life balance concerns has felt like having an “ace up my sleeve.” Moira has helped me greatly with mid-career concerns. It has been very valuable to me to be able to sort through my shifting priorities as a leader, researcher and scholar with a coach who is familiar with academia, particularly the worlds of research, funding and grant writing.  


Associate Professor of Social Work, NC

Working with Moira has exceeded beyond my wildest dreams…Her guidance in identifying my core values and making sure that my goals and actions aligned with those values has enabled me to shed the “burden” of a Ph.D. and transition successfully from a mid-level academic career to a senior-level business position that encompasses the ideal environment, salary, colleagues, content, and tasks... I . am still using many of the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to which she introduced me. Moira’s astute reflections on my own thoughts and actions helped me see the connectedness between the major areas of my life, and by challenging and supporting me to live up to my ideals in one area, all the other areas have fallen into place, as well!


University Professor, Oakland, CA

Moira listens with both her intuition and her intellect. She is deeply attentive. She can take a story of yourself that you share, and reflect back the essence, the seed that holds the learning in the story, that you may not have heard on your own. She deciphers your self story. And with this you go onward with a new narrative. She truly has a wonderful combination of talent – you can hear her history as an anthropologist ringing through in her skills as a coach.


Academic Leader, Boston, MA

Working with Moira has helped me answer a lot of my own questions, gain clarity, self confidence and a strong determination towards achieving my dreams. I have learned that having clarity about my dreams combined with the tools Moira has provided me has helped me increase and sustain my vibrations to a point where it has touched my immediate family, friends and students to express the best in them. I feel very thankful, blessed and honored to have the opportunity to work with Moira, she is excellent.

Educator and Artist, Boston MA

I have been very successful in my professional life and live a very full personal life. I was a little skeptical as to the value of a coach at this point in my journey. Moira’s insights and her ability to push me out of comfort zones to truly look beyond the excuses we all give ourselves has definitely shown me value. I very much enjoy Moira’s style and I look forward to future learning.


Corporate Leader, Connecticut

Moira helped me to develop more clarity with my message for an upcoming presentation. She taught me how to relax and engage my audience, and nurtured my personal style. She was very organized, professional and knowledgeable. She took a rote presentation and brought it alive with my stamp.

Wealth Management Professional, Boston MA